Fuglavernd BirdLife Iceland is a non-profit organisation. We appreciate all the support we receive.
We accept donations from individuals, associations and companies.

We rely also on annual fees from our members and if you are living in Iceland you can easily become a member of Fuglavernd.

Donations in web shop

Lundi (Fratercula arctica) ©Eyþór Ingi Jónsson

Donantions are available in our web shop as an item. Choose a donation level (Select the amount of your donation) and add to basket as a product. Then checkout. We accept payment via Secure Payment and both debit and credit cards can be charged. Payment via Bank Transfer is also available in the web shop.


Donations via Bank Transfer

You can wire your donation directly to our account in the bank.

IBAN: IS290301260229945007700159

Arion Banki hf
Borgartúni 19- 105 Reykjavík -Iceland

Please send a notice to fuglavernd@fuglavernd.is

Thank you for all your support.